Upcoming Events: Micro-Seminar

3-part ADHD/ADD Micro-Seminars(Geared towards parents, educators, therapists, school counselors and anyone working with a person with ADHD/ADD)

Session 1 – What is ADHD/ADD? By Dr. Michelle Cleckler, Licensed Psychologist

  • What is ADHD/ADD?
  • How is one evaluated for ADHD/ADD?
  • How does it impact the brain?
  • What is executive functioning?

Session 2 – Helping the ADHD/ADD child in school? By Georgia Allred, M.A., Learning Specialist

  • What techniques help the ADHD/ADD child be more organized?
  • How do I get my child on a 504 plan or IEP?
  • How can I help my child be more focused and a better manager of his/her school work?

Session 3 – Improving my child’s social intelligence By Jon Cleckler, Licensed Prof. Counselor

  • What is social intelligence?
  • How does ADHD/ADD impact a child’s social intelligence/peer relationships?
  • What techniques are helpful in improving my child’s social relationships?

Dates: Monday, March 3 6:00pm-7:30pmMonday, March 10 6:00pm-7:30pmMonday, March 17 6:00pm-7:30pm 

Cost:$80.00 for all three sessions or $30.00 per session (Cash, check, and credit card acceptable). Handouts and resourceswill be provided.

Location:1257 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite #125 Colorado Springs, CO 80906

RSVP: Please RSVP by February 28 to Georgia Allred at [email protected] or 719-761-1403.

Space is limited as to foster individual attention to questions and answers. Snacks and beverages provided.